The Peacock

I made this Peacock for a friend of ours Rob, who had his own business fitting unique ornate coving and other interesting architectural plaster work such as ‘light roses’ etc. Rob give me some very interesting commissions and restorations work that he would come across on the various jobs he would undertake. The Peacock was commissioned via Rob from a guy who had a swimming pool built into a ‘Dutch Barn’ I don’t know if you can see very easily from the photograph below but the original clay work had to be done at an angle, the Peacock doesn’t sit on a flat wall, but rather sits on two angles to accommodate the wall and part of the roof. The peacock is probably at an angle of around 170 degrees to the wall, so I had to build a wooden frame with the same angle to ensure the peacock would sit on the wall and part of the roof exactly when finished. The second challenge was to find a paint that would shimmer from the reflection on the water of the pool. You will see that some of the delicate parts were broken when the peacock was removed from the rubber mould, the original being made in clay, when rubber mould is taken from the final piece which is cast in a very hard plaster of paris, very often small fractures or small pieces are broken when the mould is removed, this is not a big deal, as it can easily be repaired in situ after it is attached to the wall and roof, all breaks are repaired painted over and the end product has no visible joints or repairs.

Peacock in made in clay

Private commission Peacock

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